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The Absolute Best Ingredients For Vegan Mashed Potatoes
Substitute water for milk or cream, but it's ideal to use the water used to boil the potatoes because it absorbs the potato starch and takes on a consistency similar to milk or water combined with flour. Before draining your potatoes, set aside some of the starchy water, then combine and mash.
Vegan Butter
Use water as your liquid, replace the dairy butter with vegan butter, and while you're at it, add roasted garlic and black pepper to give your mashed potatoes some extra flavor. Margarine can also be used, however, remember that not all margarines are vegan, so ‌read the package before buying.
Olive Oil
If you don't have vegan butter on hand, you can also substitute olive oil for butter. Olive oil is a healthier alternative, and when combined with the starchy water that remains after boiling, extra-virgin olive oil will produce a great flavor and a luxuriously creamy texture.
Non-Dairy Milk
Using plant-based milk is another option, but it’s not highly recommended. Each milk alternative will bring with it unique flavors that may make your mashed potatoes taste odd; almond milk will bring a strong almond flavor, and alternatives like soy and oat milk may make the mash taste nuttier or earthier.