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The Absolute Best Cuts Of Beef For Shish Kebabs
Grilled meat is a beautiful enabler for spending time outdoors, sharing food, and tending a fire, but when preparing shish kebabs using beef, what's the best cut to use? Since fire-cooked meat is prone to drying out, it's essential to pick a cut with enough fat to keep it juicy, but won't prolong the cooking time.
If budget is not in question, filet mignon, porterhouse, and a ribeye are ideal. You would prepare these cuts the same way you would when preparing a steak because they don't need a marinade and should be cooked to a rare or medium-rare to optimize their flavor.
Sirloin, specifically the tips, makes for the ideal compromise. Especially after a marinade, like classic olive oil, a red wine vinegar combo, or a creatively repurposed miso-base, this cut of beef would do well over a fire with some eggplant and onions skewers on the grill beside them.