Pulled Pork
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The Absolute Best Cut Of Meat For Pulled Pork
Pulled pork is a classic barbecue dish, and while it tastes great and is a crowd pleaser, it can also be a little frightening to prepare, but don't worry since it's a very forgiving cut of meat. Is there a preferable cut of meat for pulled pork, though, when it comes to choosing the meat?
While a leaner cut, like a top loin roast, can be used to make pulled pork, the marbled content from the pork shoulder is better for pulled pork. The picnic roast and the Boston butt, also referred to as a Boston roast, are two separate portions found within the full pork shoulder.
A Boston roast is a fattier cut of meat that can be offered with or without the bone, whereas a picnic roast is nearly always sold with the bone and sometimes with skin on it. No matter which portion of the shoulder you use, you won't be disappointed.