Sake-glazed sablefish over jasmine rice
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The Absolute Best Cooking Method For Flavorful Sablefish
Sablefish, also known as butterfish in the U.S., has a mild flavor to its creamy, white, silky flesh, and is fairly easy to prepare due to its high fat content. You can bake sablefish, roll it up in sushi, fry it, poach it, or grill it without fear of it getting too dry, but like other fatty meats, one of the best ways to prepare this fish is to smoke it.
Sablefish's fat will prevent it from drying out while it gets infused with smoky and savory flavor, and BC Outdoors Magazine recommends using paprika, cane sugar, kosher salt, and honey for a dry brine. Half of the brine is applied to the fish before it rests for a while, then the remaining brine is sprinkled over before smoking.
For a meatier flavor, try a mixture of fennel seeds, coriander seeds, white peppercorns, and bay leaves, as suggested by Barbeque Bible. Marinate the fish in a glass bowl so it doesn't absorb any off flavors, and know that it takes longer to cook compared to other fish, so wait until the flesh easily flakes and turns a nice shade of brown.