The Absolute Best Cheeses To Pair With Avocado
Food - Drink
Blue Cheese
You may think avocado alongside your favorite cheeses wouldn't work, but if paired well, as is the case with blue cheese, Avocado is mild and creamy. Blue cheese helps punch up the flavor profile due to its potent flavor and aroma making a great addition to a salad.
Mozzarella pairs well with avocado in Caprese salad. Layer fresh slices of it between the tomato and the avocado as the acidity in the tomatoes helps break up the creaminess from the cheese and the avocado and top it off with freshly chopped mint, lime juice, and olive oil
Chihuahua Cheese
Chihuahua cheese can be likened to a mild cheddar. As a Mexican-style quesadilla cheese, it has great flavor and melts beautifully. It works so well with avocado as it rounds out its creamy, nutty profile which is great for tacos, burritos, and fajitas.