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The Absolute Best Canned Foods To Stock Your Pantry
Diced, crushed, whole, sauce, paste — however, you prefer 'em, canned tomatoes can come in handy. But, if you want to make the most of your canned tomatoes, don’t drain them, keep the juice to thin out soups or sauces later.
Canned beans are extremely convenient, compared to having to soak and simmer dried beans for the course of a full day. From soups to chili and salads, beans add a little extra protein, texture, and nutrition to any meal, and you don’t really need to rinse them unless you’re watching your sodium.
Yes, you can technically consider chickpeas a bean, but they’re unique enough to earn their own spot. Not only do canned chickpeas eliminate the lengthy soaking and cooking process of the dried variety, but the liquid inside the can — called aquafaba — can be used as an alternative to eggs.
While not everyone's a fan, there are a few instances where you might reach for canned tuna instead of packed or raw. You can upgrade your canned tuna by sautéing it in a bit of olive oil and garlic powder or transform it into awesome croquettes with items like breadcrumbs.
Canned chicken may not be as delicious as a freshly-pulled chicken breast on its own. However, it is vastly more convenient, has a shelf life of 5 years, and can be almost indistinguishable when used in the right recipes.