Slow cooked clear beef bone broth or stock without meat in cooking pot on dark rustic background
The Absolute Best Bones For The Richest Broth Results
Bone broth is nutrient-packed and more robust in flavor and texture than typical stock, but the type of bones used makes a difference in the quality of the broth.
To get a rich broth, you need large limb and joint bones with either thick veins of marrow or bundles of connective collagen tissue.
Beef, lamb, and pork have marrow-filled bones and collagen-rich joints. Some of the best broths are from dense cuts like oxtail and short ribs.
For chicken and turkey broths, the wings, feet, and drumsticks are best. No matter the type of broth, grass-fed, non-GMO meat is optimal for flavor and quality.
If animals are allowed to graze and walk relatively freely, their bones may also have more quality fat, connective tissue, and collagen for a better bone broth.
Ensure that the bones still have some meat and cartilage attached to them. Well-raised beef should have deep red meat and shiny, opaque cartilage.
For chicken, try to source carcasses that still have the meat attached to them and feet that have been cleaned and clipped.
Quality bones can be sourced from online markets, or look for the USDA Certified Organic sticker at the store. Local farmers' markets or a butcher will have the freshest options.