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The Absolute Best After-Dinner Cocktails
Espresso Martini
The espresso martini is obviously dominated by rich coffee flavor and the presence of vodka only acts as a vehicle for an alcoholic bite while the coffee liqueur is the perfect boozy supporting cast to the dark, sharp espresso.
Wisconsin Old Fashioned
The iconic Old Fashioned has inspired countless variations but the Wisconsin Old Fashioned is one variation perfectly suited to wind down an evening. This one calls for brandy, and instead of a traditional orange twist, it calls for muddled fruit, like orange slices and brandied cherries.
White Russian
This sweet cocktail made up of vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream will satisfy your craving for booze, sugar, caffeine, or all of the above. The popularity of the classic cocktail had fizzled out but thanks to the cult classic film "The Big Lebowski”, it was revived and has since been sustained.
Brandy Alexander
For those who are fans of the White Russian, the brandy Alexander is a boozier, more robust cocktail that will pack a punch but also bring comfort and ease. It’s a combination of brandy, cream, and crème de cacao, which is then shaken and strained neat into a martini class.
This variation on the White Russian contains the addition of Irish cream but over time more popular variations of the mudslide replaced the heavy cream with vanilla ice cream and are typically served with chocolate syrup-dipped glassware.