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The Absolute Best Additions To Canned Tuna
Fresh Herbs
Herbs are a wonderful method to highlight the protein in your tuna and function as a beautiful interplay with the tuna's brine. Try thinly sliced fennel with your tuna to make a delicious pasta salad, or tarragon if you're looking to make a light, but ultimately filling dinner salad.
Raid The Pantry
Although fresh herbs are wonderful additions, dried herbs can bring your tuna to the next level. In addition to a dash of salt, we advise to use celery salt, dried dill, marjoram, or perhaps even a tiny touch of lemon pepper to give your fish dish some zing.
Spice Things Up
Dashes of heat, which can be found in the forms of chili flakes, aleppo, urfa, Calabrian chilli, and so much more, will definitely go a long way in making your tuna dish richer on the palate as well as adding depth to the flavor.
Lemon Juice
Lemons are a great addition because they give canned tuna a wonderful boost of freshness. Consider even adding a squeeze of lime if you're using other ingredients that will complement the sharper, fresher flavor, and don't forget to use all the zest from either fruit.
Fresh produce can be a wonderful addition as long as you cut them small so they don't mess up the consistency. Red onion or shallot will give your bite some fire, celery will give you a terrific crunch, and tomatoes will contrast nicely with the rich, oily texture of the tuna flesh.