Acclaimed chef Jacque Pépin smiling
The 4 Types Of Cheese Jacques Pépin Always Keeps In His Fridge
Chef Jacques Pépin says he always keeps these four cheeses on hand: Gruyère, blue, Parmesan, and a soft cheese like Camembert. Each type serves its own role in his kitchen.
Rich and salty Gruyère has a nutty taste, which Pépin uses in omelets, soufflés, and gratin. He tosses crumbly blue cheese, known for its robust and funky flavor, into salads.
Earthy, soft French Camembert pairs best with crackers. As for hard, salty Parmesan, Pépin keeps it classic and uses this Italian cheese to top pasta.
None of the cheese goes to waste, as Pépin blends leftovers and end pieces with wine and herbs to make a fromage fort spread to serve on crackers, crostini, a steak, or vegetables.