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The 35 Best Fried Chicken Restaurants In America
Jollibee offers a wide-ranging menu, but it's particularly famous for its bone-in fried chicken that is seasoned to the core and comes with a side of gravy for dunking. Jollibee may very well be the best fast food bone-in chicken, although there are some other contenders for that title.
Popeyes is legitimately terrific, and we would wager that it actually is the best fried chicken option in many cities in America. Popeyes chicken has an intense combination of crispness and flavor, thanks to a 12-hour marinade in Popeyes' secret Louisiana-style seasoning blend.
The illustrious pairing of fried chicken and waffles offers every indulgent, crave-able flavor you could ever want to have on one plate. It's fried, crispy meat with a bunch of buttered carbs, and you pour maple syrup and hot sauce over the whole thing, making it everything that's great about America.
Federal Donuts
Although it's called Federal Donuts, the fried chicken wings and tenders are the real star at this small Philadelphia chain. It's dry-brined overnight, then dipped into a batter made from flour, corn starch, and water, and then double-fried (a technique indebted to Korean fried chicken).
Willie Mae's
There is a reason Bon Appétit called the chicken at Willie Mae's Scotch House "some of the best you'll ever eat.” The breading is incredibly thin and delicate, and it's noticeably grease-free, but the chicken inside is moist and perfectly seasoned, making it a bucket list spot for any true fried chicken aficionado.