The 3 Pantry Staples Lidia Bastianich Always Has On Hand
All cooks have go-to items they always keep on hand, and Lidia Bastianich, famed Italian chef and author, shared her top three pantry staples in an interview with Eating Well.
Her favorites include olive oil (a "good one," she specifies), canned plum tomatoes, and "a lot of legumes." She uses these in chicken, seafood, pasta, risotto, and more.
Bastianich adds that lentils are one of the best legumes to keep on hand. A simple soup made with lentils, celery, rice, and carrots is among her favorite recipes.
The chef also likes to keep split peas and dry beans on hand. Bastianich has also mentioned a fourth go-to pantry staple on her Facebook page: canned tuna packed in olive oil.