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The 3 Ingredients Green Chutney Traditionally Uses
Green chutney, a vibrant herbal condiment that is packed with flavor, is a staple in Indian cuisine. This chutney adds a refreshing element to traditional spreads full of rich foods, and while recipes vary from region to region and family to family, green chutney always includes these three main ingredients.
Green chutney is also called hari chutney or dhaniya chutney; in Hindi, hari means green, and dhaniya is the word for coriander or cilantro. Unsurprisingly, cilantro is the foremost ingredient in this spread, creating its herbal taste and bright green color, and the other two main components are green chiles and mint.
Chiles add a hint of spice to the chutney, while mint adds more freshness and depth of flavor. However, mint is easily the most controversial ingredient; some households believe that green chutney cannot be made without mint, while others categorize chutney with mint as an entirely different condiment than classic green chutney.