Jacques Pepin smiling behind a salmon filet
The 3-Ingredient Glaze Jacques Pépin Uses For Salmon With A Sweet Heat
If you want to try something new to flavor up your salmon without any extra steps, follow Jacques Pépin's method of glazing it with ketchup, hot chili oil, and toasted sesame oil.
The combination of flavors in Pépin's sauce gives salmon a sweet heat, which is certainly a departure from the citrusy or herbaceous sauces you may be used to.
To create the glaze, blend a tablespoon of ketchup, a dash of spicy oil, and about ½ teaspoon of toasted sesame oil. You can swap the spicy oil with any hot sauce you prefer.
Ketchup gives a sugary, zesty touch of tomato, the spicy chili oil adds the heat, and the toasted sesame oil grounds them both with a subtly sweet, earthy, and nutty taste.
Brush the ruby red glaze on the bottom and top of the salmon filets before baking them. This genius balance of ingredients works well with the fish's flavor profile.