Andrew Zimmern speaks on stage.
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The 3 Foods Andrew Zimmern Can't Stand
As the host of "Bizarre Foods," Andrew Zimmern has sampled many unique ingredients, including fermented shark, giant sea squirt, giraffe beetles, and fried tarantulas. While he's hardly squeamish when it comes to dining, Zimmern revealed in a tweet that he doesn't eat walnuts, raw cookie dough, or hot oatmeal.
Walnuts are known for their earthy, woody flavor, but Zimmern says that the nuts taste like soap to him, and while consuming raw cookie dough does pose a health risk, the chef avoids eating it simply because he doesn't like the texture. While Zimmern doesn't care for these two foods, he has a more intense hatred for hot oatmeal.
Zimmern has compared hot oatmeal to jailhouse gruel, calling it "a horrific, awful thing to do to such a glorious thing as an oat" (per MarketWatch). He's also named other edibles he has gladly tried, but would not seek out again, such as durian fruit, Sweden's pungent fermented fish-in-a-can, and 14-day-old stinky tofu from Taiwan.