A torilla ready to be tri-folded with beans, peppers, avocado, and cheese
The 3-Fold Method For Perfectly Layered Sandwiches
A viral trend on TikTok teaches you how to turn a wrap into a fancy layered sandwich in a portable triangle shape. The technique requires little effort for great returns.
Choose a base of tortillas, pita, lettuce leaves, or nori seaweed sheets. Flour tortillas also come in colorful varieties with veggies added, for nutrition and a pop of color.
The success of the 3-fold technique depends on proper layering. Lay your tortilla, bread, or other base flat on a surface and make a single cut halfway through.
Spread a thin layer of a condiment like mayo, mustard, pesto, or hummus on the upper right quarter of your base. Arrange meat or another protein on the quarter next to it.
On the quarter underneath the condiment, add cheese, and for the final quarter, add veggies. Cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, onions, or pickles are all fantastic choices.
Grab the corner of the condiment quarter and fold it onto the protein quadrant to form a triangle, then fold that triangle down to create a layered, triangular quesadilla-like sandwich.
Apply pressure to keep the contents secure. Once folded, fill any available space with garnishes like avocado slices, bacon bits, olives, or a sprinkle of fresh herbs.
To take your 3-fold wrap sandwich to the final level, warm it up in the toaster or on the stove for melty, cheesy goodness without the mess.