Barbecue Racks of Ribs on Grill. (Photo by: GHI/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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The 3 Cuts Of Beef Ribs, Explained
Plate Short Ribs
Plate short ribs come from the short plate of the cow, which consists of ribs six through eight. Beefy, moist, fatty, and full of flavor, their high fat content makes them perfect for slow-cooking in a smoker or Crockpot, which brings out the brisket-like flavor of this cut that is close to the area where brisket and flank steaks come from.
Chuck Short Ribs
Chuck short ribs come from ribs two through five of the cow and have a strong, meaty flavor and plentiful marbling. Often called just “short ribs,” chuck short ribs are relatively easy to find and commonly braised low and slow in wine or another liquid to retain moisture, break down the connective tissues, and tenderize the meat.
Back ribs
Back ribs are cut from the back, or loin, of the cow, and are attached to what we know as the prime rib. As with other ribs, low and slow works best with this cut due to its heavy marbling and fat, but the meat and fat are between the bones, rather than meeting in one big layer, making back ribs leaner and faster to cook.