Hand pulling a watermelon stick from a whole watermelon
The 3-Cut Method For Easy Watermelon Sticks To Cool Off With All Summer
If you've ever found that some large watermelons are tricky to slice through neatly without making a liquid-y mess, try the three-cut method to get perfect watermelon sticks.
This method is a neater option because you can chomp through each segment easily without getting sticky juice on your face. For this, first slice the fruit in half.
Then, lay it on the chopping board with the cut side down so the flesh is flush against the surface. Cut through in vertical slices from one side to the other.
Ensure that each piece is an even thickness — a couple of inches should be the perfect size. If any of the segments fall away, put them back together so the slices are all upright.
Finally, make horizontal cuts across the breadth of the melon to create a crisscross pattern on the surface. Simply pull out each square segment to reveal a little cuboid of melon.