Oranges in red net packaging
The 3-Cut Knife Hack That Eliminates Stubborn Orange Rinds With Ease
Peeling oranges by hand often gets orange rind and pith stuck under your nails or stains on your fingertips, which can be a real pain if you're peeling a lot of them for a recipe.
You can avoid all this mess by cutting oranges with this simple 3-cut knife hack. Use a knife to cut a thin slice off the fruit's top, followed by another thin slice off the bottom.
Make a cut from one of the cut ends to the other, piercing the rind without cutting too far into the fruit. Pull the ends apart and extend the orange into a single strip of slices.
Peel off the orange slices one by one as you eat them, or all at once and put them in a bowl. Now, you can add more oranges to your diet without the hassle.