Glass of whiskey or Rum with a large round ice ball
The 25 Greatest Bourbon Brands, Ranked
25. Evan Williams
Beloved for its high-quality products with a relatively low price, the Evan Williams brand can compete with older and select labels, even single-barrel vintage bottles.
24. Benchmark
Benchmark may be one of Buffalo Trace’s most underrated bourbons. It risks a popularity and price jump once word gets out how much it’s overlooked, so try to buy ASAP.
23. New Riff
This family-owned distillery is passionate about what they do. A New Riff label that isn't even 10 years old yet is earning praise in the crowded world of Kentucky bourbon.
22. Maker's Mark
Maker's Mark is a highly popular wheat bourbon whisky, but it deserves more conscious appreciation. In fact, this company's entire line earns its own place on this list.
21. Penelope
We love the complexity of a four-grain whiskey, and while double-oaked bottles are trendy, Penelope experiments with aging bourbon in wine casks for a more unique taste.