a decadent chocolate cake
The 20 Best US Bakeries For Chocolate Cake
Lady M
This bakery is best known for its signature mille crêpe cake made from chocolate French crêpes and cream. There are locations in New York, Las Vegas, Boston, and Chicago.
Atelier Monnier
With a few locations in Miami, this bakery's gluten-free three-chocolate cake has an airy dark chocolate sponge with layers of dark, milk, and white chocolate.
Papa Haydn
This bakery offers several chocolate cakes in its two Portland, OR locations, but the German chocolate is a favorite. The recipe spans generations and comes from Berlin.
In Arlington, VA, the Prestige chocolate cake embodies the bakery’s diverse roots. It is rich in a chocolate genoise, brandy, dark chocolate truffle mousse, and toppings.
Pâtisserie Manon
This Las Vegas bakery is known for the truffle cake. Underneath rich chocolate shavings are layers of chocolate mousse sandwiched between dense dark chocolate cake.