Hand pouring coffee in a white cup from glass brew container on wood surface
The 2 Well-Known Types Of Coffee With The Most Caffeine
Out of all the coffee drinks you can choose, espresso and Turkish coffee have the most caffeine. A two-ounce cup of Turkish coffee delivers 50 milligrams and espresso around 75.
This is because these coffee drinks use a very fine grind. However, the total caffeine content comes down to just how fine the grind is, as well as the beans and brewing method.
The finer the grind is, the more caffeine, because the grinds create a higher surface area that allows more water contact, for a more full-bodied and highly caffeinated coffee.
Another key factor is heat. Hot coffee will have a higher caffeine content, because heat is excellent at extracting both caffeine and flavor from ground beans.
Roast time may also minimally affect caffeine potency. While all these factors do influence your cup, espresso and Turkish-style coffee are always reliably caffeine-heavy.