A tiny burlap sack filled with a variety of 15 different beans with beans scattered on the white background beneath it
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The 2 Types Of Beans You Should Always Have Handy For Mexican Dishes
Rice, corn, cheese, tomatoes, and cilantro are important ingredients in Mexican food, but an authentic Mexican feast is only complete if it has beans. The two types of beans that are essential in Mexican cuisine are pinto and black beans because they both add their own unique texture and flavor to dishes.
Black beans are handy because they are a great add-on ingredient to dishes like soup and tacos, but they’re also perfect as the star of their own soup. Black bean soup can be enjoyed in a number of textures — as a smoother soup by pureeing the beans, leaving them whole, or as a soup that falls somewhere in between pureed and whole.
Pinto beans on the other hand are the preferred choice of beans when it comes to making the quintessential Mexican bean dish, refried beans. They’re also a great filling for burritos or spread on tostadas, and like black beans, they are the star of their own soup, pinto bean soup, or sopa de frijoles.