Stacked pieces of banana bread with chocolate drizzle on cooling rack
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The 2 Tropical Ingredients You Should Add To Banana Bread
Banana bread is one of those rare treats that is almost universally enjoyed and incredibly simple to make and customize. Chocolate chips, chopped nuts, and dried fruit are some common additions to a loaf of plain banana bread, but if you want to play up the tropical fruitiness of the bananas themselves, try these add-ins.
For seriously tropical banana bread, try adding pineapple and coconut. If you use fresh pineapple, you'll want to peel it, core it, then dice or shred it into small pieces so that it distributes well throughout the bread, while canned pineapple is already sold in rings that you only need to chop into fine pieces.
For the coconut, you can stir coconut flakes or shredded coconut into your batter — preferably unsweetened, so you can moderate the sweetness of the bread — and you also use coconut milk in place of any milk or buttermilk. Any of these methods will make the most fruity, tropical, and delicious banana bread ever.