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The 2-Second Rule That Tells You When Microwave Popcorn Is Ready
If you always seem to burn or undercook your microwave popcorn, try the two-second rule which says to stop your microwave once there are between two to three seconds per pop.
It may seem obvious to just use your microwave’s popcorn button, but it often leads to overcooked popcorn. This is because most microwaves cannot tell if humidity is present.
According to a study published on Science Direct, moisture content is the single greatest influencer when it comes to popping popcorn.
Moisture, which includes humidity, contributes to the pressure build-up in the part of the kernel where starch is produced and stored.
Too much or too little moisture and you reach that point of diminishing returns where popcorn burns or doesn’t pop. This is why the two-second rule is critical.
Of course, other factors also impact this snack food. The quality of the kernels being used, along with their size, can play a key role in the end product.