Ina Garten signing a book
The 2 Mustard Brands Ina Garten Can't Live Without
Before her Food Network career, Chef Ina Garten ran a specialty food store in the Hamptons called the Barefoot Contessa, so she knows a thing or two about premium condiments.
To this day, Garten still adores both Grey Poupon’s Dijon mustard and Maille’s whole grain mustard, as she told Bon Appétit during an exclusive tour of her home.
Both mustards are made with black and/or brown mustard seeds, giving them a nice spiciness, while vinegar and white wine provide a tangy sweetness.
The mustards differ more in their texture. Dijon mustard fully grinds the seeds for a creamier, more uniform consistency, while whole-grain mustard leaves all the seeds intact.
Garten says that she keeps both mustards on hand because she often mixes them together to create a strong, spicy, and sweet condiment with both a creamy and toothsome texture.
According to Garten, either of these mustards are excellent as a sauce or marinade for meat, an addition to a vinaigrette for salad, or a simple dipping sauce.