Gordon Ramsay in kitchen
The 2 Kinds Of Blenders Gordon Ramsay Recommends For Home Cooks
Beyond the basics of good, sharp knives, a sturdy cutting board, and reliable pots and pans, Gordon Ramsay recommends that home chefs buy two different types of blenders.
As he shared with Refinery 29, Ramsay considers a bullet-style blender and a handheld immersion blender to be indispensable tools in his home kitchen.
Ramsay uses a bullet blender to make quick smoothies for breakfast, especially when his family is running late. Meanwhile, he uses an immersion blender to blend soups in a flash.
Bullet blenders are sold at many major cookware stores and online for $30 to $40. More powerful blenders (900-1,000 watts) can range from $80 to $100.
Besides whipping up smoothies, which you can take with you right in the cup you blended them in, bullet blenders are perfect for making sauces, dips like, and even whipped cream.
Immersion blenders start at $30, and may come with useful attachments like whisks. You can use them to blend soups, sauces, eggs, and batters directly in pots, pans, or bowls.