Roasted carrots on parchment paper
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The 2 Juices That Will Give You More Flavorful Cooked Carrots
A popular technique for cooking carrots is glazing them, which involves cooking them in a seasoned broth or juice and that reduces into an intensely-flavored glaze or sauce that coats the carrots. The carrots will become sweet and caramelized as they soften, and for your first time trying this method, try using these two juices.
If you want a pure carrot flavor, simply cook your carrots in carrot juice, while orange juice adds a different touch of flavor and sweetness, and its orange color suits carrots perfectly. Orange juice accentuates the earthy, vegetal flavor of the carrots, and has natural fruit sugars that makes for a perfect concentrated glaze as it reduces.
To make the glaze a little more interesting and complex, you can add ginger, brown sugar, and/or butter to the carrot or orange juice, which aids in reducing the juice to a rich consistency. Brown butter adds even more complexity, but no matter what you use, make sure to cook the carrots with the lid off so the liquid can evaporate.