Three Baja fish tacos served with lime
The 2 Ingredients That Will Make Your Baja Fish Taco Batter Dazzle
Baja fish tacos combine crunchy fried fish, creamy slaw, and zesty chipotle sauce on a corn tortilla. The fish is the star, and the crispy batter can make or break your tacos.
A batter recipe for the white fish in Baja tacos usually consists of all-purpose flour, corn starch (to help with the crispiness), and seasonings like garlic and onion powder.
Adding two unexpected ingredients — a Mexican lager beer and some yellow mustard — will greatly improve your batter, no matter which recipe you use.
The carbonation and yeast in cold beer will give the batter an extra- crispy, puffy texture when it cooks, similar to beer-battered onion rings. A Mexican lager pairs well with tacos.
The yellow mustard helps with the consistency of the batter. Its tangy flavor will cook out during deep-frying, just like the alcohol in the beer, so it won't add a distracting taste.