Cup of coffee next to coffee grounds
The 2 Ingredients That Give Coffee A Scandinavian Twist
If you're looking to give your coffee a Scandinavian twist, just include two common ingredients found in traditional Scandi dishes: fennel and almond extract.
Fennel is a staple in Scandinavian baking, where it’s used in fresh bread loaves and crisps. Almond extract is also often used in Scandinavian baking recipes like skorpa and cakes.
Almond is one of coffee's well-known complementary flavors, and fennel's slightly savory, dark licorice flavor flatters coffee's sweet flavors.
For more of a Scandi-twist, pair it with a light sweetener, some almond milk or creamer, and a dash of cardamom. Whether you enjoy it hot or cold, trust us, it’ll be delicious.