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The 2 Ingredients Gordon Ramsay Uses To Fix Oversalted Bolognese
Celebrated chef, author, and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay has spent decades building expertise in the cooking and entertainment industry. While answering questions from Twitter on WIRED's Chef Support, Ramsay shared his secret to fixing an oversalted Bolognese, which includes the use of two unexpected ingredients.
Ramsay advises home cooks to scoop out a third of their oversalted meat sauce and add a touch of sugar and a crème fraîche to "lighten up the flavor and get rid of that salty taste," he says in WIRED's YouTube video. Salt can indeed be tamed by fat, whether you use crème fraîche heavy cream, butter, sour cream, or milk.
Once you mix the portion of Bolognese with Ramsay's recommended ingredients, you can presumably stir it back into the rest of the sauce to fix the salt problem. For future cooking endeavors, remember that you can always add salt, but removing it is impossible, so season slowly and taste as you go to avoid any mishaps.