Two iced coffees with cold foam
The 2-Ingredient Trick For Starbucks Salted Caramel Cold Foam
At Home
Starbucks' cold foam is a thick, soft cap of cream that comes in many seasonal varieties, like salted caramel, but it will set you back at least $1.25 to add to your cold brew.
To save some time and money, you can quickly whisk up your own salted caramel cold foam at home with store-bought caramel-flavored coffee creamer and salt.
Pour an ounce or two of coffee creamer into a container and add a pinch of salt. Use a hand-held frother, keeping the whisk at the top of the liquid to incorporate air.
Alternatively, you could put the creamer in a jar with a tight-fitting lid and give the mixture a good shake until you see bubbles form.
Spoon your homemade foam onto your iced coffee, chai, black tea, or any other chilled beverage, and sip the delicious combination of sweet and salty caramel.