Bowl of red miso spread
The 2-Ingredient Butter That’s Filled With Umami Flavor
For the most delicious roasted meats, vegetables, and other foods with a layer of savory richness that makes your taste buds sing, try making your own miso butter.
This compound butter requires only miso paste and butter. It’s creamy, salty, and packed with umami flavor, and it can elevate any savory dish as a seasoning or topping.
Spread miso butter over toast, use it to marinate meats, slather it on cooked vegetables, or even use it in baking. Its savoriness can add complexity to cookies, cakes, and breads.
Making homemade miso butter is simple. Soften unsalted butter to room temperature and then mix it with your preferred miso paste, starting with small amounts at a time.
Use white miso paste for a subtle sweetness, yellow for earthy flavors, or red for the strongest, most robust umami hit. Add herbs, spices, or aromatics such as minced garlic.
Use parchment paper to roll the butter into a log to make slicing and portioning easy. Finally, store the butter in an airtight container in the refrigerator to firm up.