Ina Garten at book isgning
The 2 Desserts Ina Garten Includes As Her All-Time Favorite
Beyond her elegant and rustic dinner recipes, Ina Garten always makes room for dessert in her kitchen, especially her two favorites: dark chocolate tarts and classic pound cake.
Garten experimented with pound cake recipes over the years before finalizing her now-beloved vanilla pound cake recipe, found in her 2022 cookbook "Go-To Dinners."
Garten's chocolate tart recipe is inspired by a version from chef Erin French's cookbook "The Lost Kitchen." It features a rich chocolate filling with an equally chocolatey crust.
The delicious secret weapon in Garten’s tart recipe is in the crust, which is made from an entire box's worth of ground-up Nabisco chocolate wafers.
Garten's pound cake recipe also contains a few extra flavor boosters. She says she found a revelation in adding Cognac and lemon zest for the “ideal balance of flavors.”