Chef Andrew Zimmern
The 2 Desserts Andrew Zimmern States Are Deceptively Easy To Make
On YouTube, chef Andrew Zimmern tells viewers that many seemingly difficult dishes are actually easy to make. He says Baked Alaska and soufflé are two examples.
Zimmern said of Baked Alaska, “it's alternate layers of sponge cake and ice cream and then I just coat the whole thing with Swiss meringue and torch it.”
He pours Bacardi or Kirsch liquor over the meringue dome and lights it on fire to toast the outside. Zimmern also thinks that the hardest part of soufflés is preparing the ramekin.
“You just have to make sure it's well buttered, well coated, and that the sides are smooth and clean so that the soufflé can actually rise out. That's the tough part,” he explains.
If the ramekin is prepared well to allow the soufflé to rise, the rest is just about combining the whipped egg mixture properly.