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The 2 Best Methods For Coring Apples Without A Gadget
Pumpkin spice may be the trendy flavor of fall, but apple picking is still one of the most quintessential fall activities. In the likely event that you wind up picking way more apples than you expected, here are the two best ways to core them without buying a fancy gadget.
To core an apple while keeping it whole, you’ll need a sharp paring knife and a spoon. Start by cutting a ¼-inch slice from the bottom, then turn your apple upside down and cut around the core without piercing the top; at this point, you should be able to remove the core, then use your spoon to clean out any extra flesh.
The second other method involves making an incision ¼-inch from the stem, again using a sharp paring knife. Next, push the knife straight down to the bottom of the apple and then carefully cut in a circular motion around the core; once you’ve made a full circle, you’ll be able to remove the core with your fingers.