A bowl of healthy chips
The 15 Healthiest Chip Brands, Ranked From Worst To Best
15. Jackson’s Honest
This brand focuses on sweet potato chips made from high-quality oils like coconut and avocado, and flavors include anything from sea salt to Carolina BBQ.
The brand has a heartfelt backstory, but the chips can fall short. Opinions are mixed on Amazon with nearly 10% of reviewers giving them a 1-star rating.
14. Good Health
This health-focused brand uses non-GMO ingredients and different cooking oils. There are multiple kettle-style potato chips to choose from in various flavors.
According to Amazon reviews, the general consensus is that they are not too greasy or salty and they taste great, but they have a high carbohydrate and high fat content.
13. Brad’s
This plant-based brand has a line of chips made with air-dried organic vegetables. Reviews say the chips have an unpleasant aroma and the quality is inconsistent.
12. Bare
Bare specializes in freeze-dried fruit chips from apples, bananas, coconuts, strawberries, and pineapple. This kid-approved snack lacks the saltiness that comes with chips.
11. Snacklins
This brand includes air-popped chips made from mushrooms, yuca, and onions. These unique types of chips are very low in calories.
There are still some mixed opinions on these chips. Some people love that these chips have tasty options, while others complain about a recent recipe change.