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The 15 Absolute Best Uses For Your Immersion Blender
Pureeing Soup
Arguably the most popular use for an immersion blender, pureeing soups has become easier than ever thanks to the advent of these handy little appliances. An immersion blender is safer, works great on large amounts of soup, and makes for a frothier, foamier soup.
Making Tomato Sauces
In addition to making a creamy tomato soup, your blender can also turn tomatoes, onions, garlic, and other ingredients into a perfectly smooth — or chunky, depending on how you prefer it — pasta sauce. You'll want to cook all of your tomato sauce ingredients on the stove, then you can blend everything together right in the pot.
Making Salsa
If you already have your tomato and onion from the pasta sauce, it only takes a few more ingredients to go from pasta sauce to salsa. Just use your immersion blender at a low speed for chunkier salsa or a high speed for a smoother salsa.
Blending Batters
Your immersion blender can prepare any thin batter (think cake batters and thinner). Just blend your dry and wet ingredients separately, then blend the wet ingredients into your dry ingredients, using a deep mixing bowl or other vessel with sides high enough to prevent splatter.
Making Mayo
Making homemade mayonnaise is a bit intimidating, but an immersion blender can take a handful of ingredients — egg yolks, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, oil, salt, and (optionally) mustard — from runny and disgusting to creamy and delightful in no time.