Negroni Cocktail in crystal glass with ice cubes
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The 14 Dos And Don'ts Of Ordering A Negroni
Do Brace Yourself
If you’re not into strong drinks, then you might not like a Negroni, with its strong bitterness that comes from the Italian aperitif Campari. A bitter taste is the first thing you’ll notice, so if you want to try this cocktail but don’t want to be too surprised, just brace yourself for that first sip.
Don’t Follow A Trend
Despite being a classic, Negronis aren’t for everyone, and they're a bit of a “love it or hate it” type of cocktail. Don’t order one because you think it sounds cool, looks pretty, or makes you seem sophisticated, because if you don’t like it, you can’t just send it back to the bartender.
Do Be Specific
The default way to serve Negronis is on the rocks, but some people like it served up in a stemmed glass without ice. A Negroni on the rocks will have a slightly diluted flavor, but this drink is meant to be sipped slowly either way, so make sure you tell your bartender how you like it.
Don’t Have It Shaken
A Negroni doesn't contain citrus juice, and drinks without this ingredient usually shouldn't be shaken. All this cocktail needs is a quick stir over ice to avoid too much dilution and aeration, so don’t ask your bartender to shake it, because they’re probably cringing internally at the thought.
Do Select Your Gin
Gins vary widely in terms of flavor, and since this liquor takes up about a third of a Negroni, the brand or variety can make a huge difference. If there’s a specific brand of gin you prefer, tell your bartender, but make sure it’s at least a mid-tier liquor, since cheap gin will ruin a drink this simple.