Canned salmon on a wooden board with small tomatoes
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The 14 Best Ways To Be Using Canned Salmon
Pan-Fry Salmon Croquettes/Patties
Canned salmon can be turned into a crispy, golden salmon patty by mixing together the salmon, dijon mustard, fresh lemon, thyme, and Old Bay seasoning, then pan-frying until brown.
Think Outside The Box With A Sushi Bake
Making a sushi bake is simpler than you’d think, and since the salmon called for in recipes is often shredded, opting for the canned stuff makes an easy dish even easier.
Combine your canned salmon with a flavorful sauce or two, pack it on top of a layer of tightly-formed sushi rice, then bake and serve it up in slices, like lasagna.
Get Creative With Your Pasta
Well-drained flakes of canned salmon make a delicious topping for a light but tasty pasta dish, such as an herb-filled salmon fettuccine recipe.
You can also try smoked salmon pasta with cherry tomatoes, red chilies, garlic, and a dash of lemon. It's easy enough to make for yourself, but fancy enough for guests.
Mix Up Your Grilling Routine With Some Salmon Burgers
Canned salmon is perfect for salmon burgers, since you’re going to want something that’s fine and crumbly but holds together well, like the texture of ground beef.
Hold the patties together even better with panko breadcrumbs, add flavors like dill, lemon, parsley, and capers, and cook the burgers on the grill or a non-stick pan.
Use Canned Salmon For A Hearty Bowl Of Soup
When the weather turns cold, you'll want hot soup, and a perfect recipe for a winter meal is fish chowder with canned salmon, fennel, shallots, and white wine.
This salmon and fennel chowder is a new spin on a classic Nordic fish chowder, while salmon chowder with potatoes, bacon, and peas is even richer and more filling.