Canned veggies surrounding a bowl of canned casserole
The 14 Best Canned Vegetables To Take Casseroles To The Next Level
Green Beans
Green bean casserole is a simple and tasty dish to make, and canned green beans only make it easier since fresh green beans are a pain to clean and cut.
Using canned corn removes the work of shucking it, removing the fibers, and cutting the cob. It adds a slightly sweet crunch without turning to mush.
Canned peas allow you to open them when you're ready to go, then strain, dump, and cook. They can be stored in the pantry, so there’s no worry about freezer burn either.
Cannellini Beans
Cannellini beans are a nutritious delight with protein, fiber, calcium, and iron to integrate into meals. Using a canned variety means you won’t have to boil them.
Canned mushrooms are one of the best vegetables to add to a casserole. Not only are there various types and varieties, but you won’t need to wash or slice them.