People looking at packaged meat in Costco
The 12 Most Expensive Foods And Drinks At Costco
Charcuterie Gift Box
Although Costco is known for its cost-efficient options, the warehouse sells many expensive foods and drinks, including the $199.99 charcuterie gift box.
The 13-piece luxury gift box sells online, and although it lacks cheese, it comes with smoked D’Artagnan heritage ham, andouille sausage, chicken confit, and truffle butter.
Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon
Some Costcos carry rare Pappy Van Winkle bourbons ranging in cost from $64.99 to $289.99. They are hard to find, so there's no guarantee you'll find any.
A Bellingham resident found a 10-year-old Pappy for $64.99 while a Massachusetts resident found a 23 Year Reserve for under $300, so keep an eye on your store’s glass liquor case.
Dom Pérignon Champagne
Dom Pérignon Champagne is one of the world’s most famous sparkling wines, and Costco is selling the exclusive champagne for $270.
However, like Pappy Van Winkle, you’ll have to search to find the champagne, and there’s no guarantee you’ll find it at your store or online.
Special Occasion Cake
Although Costco is famous for its $25 sheet cakes, you can also splurge on a special occasion cake that rings in at $299.99.
The cake has two tiers with lemon curd and raspberry jam filling and has a white buttercream frosting that serves as the base for whatever decorations you’d like.
Rastelli's Lamb Racks
If you’re a home chef or just looking for high-quality lamb meat, Costco has you covered with Rastelli's Grass-Fed Frenched Lamb Racks.
The racks are 24 ounces and come in at $349.99, but with no added hormones or antibiotics, they may be well worth the money for adventurous home cooks.