Whiskey and oak barrel
The 12 Best Japanese Whiskies
Nikka Whisky From The Barrel is a bold and complex whisky consisting of blends previously aged in sherry and bourbon casks that are then "married" for a few more months.
With an ABV of 51.4%, Nikka's aroma is earthy berry cheesecake with a touch of smoke. It has a fruity sweetness with notes of vanilla and subtle spice and a malty presence.
Suntory Toki
Suntory Toki is a blended whisky that showcases single malts and single-grain whiskies. It is a versatile spirit with a masterful blend of flavors and an ABV of 43%.
Its nose is floral with hints of citrus, vanilla, honey, and spicy oak. Its taste is light and refreshing, boasting floral elements with more vanilla, honey, and sweet lemon.
Nikka Coffey
Made with 100% malted barley, Nikka Coffey Malt combines the aroma of butterscotch with tropical fruits and toasted notes. At 45% ABV, the nose is a little hot.
The palate features more fruit, honey, and butterscotch, alongside dark cocoa and a touch of rye-like spice. Despite a depth of flavor, its finish is on the lighter side.
Iwai 45
Mars Shinshu Iwai 45 uses a mash bill of 75% corn and 25% malted barley and is aged in ex-bourbon casks. It works well as a sipper but shines brightest in cocktails.
Its nose blends caramel, red berries, and tropical fruits, while the taste is malty with orchard fruits and citrus. The finish is on the short side, becoming bitter toward the end.
Nikka Yoichi
Nikka's Yoichi Single Malt uses coal-fired stills that give it a smoky, earthy character reminiscent of an Islay scotch. However, these notes are delicate.
Tropical and orchard fruits shine through the smoke on the nose and palate, and a briny minerality balances the profile well. The finish is short, but smoky toward the end.