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The 1-Ingredient Dry Rub For Perfect Crust On A Steak
Whether you choose a more affordable steak like skirt, flank, and flat iron, or a more prime cut like a New York strip, ribeye, or filet, all you need to dress up high-quality beef is some light seasoning. Even if you don’t have many ingredients in the kitchen for a steak rub, simple can be best, and this one spice will work just fine.
One of the most desirable characteristics of a great steak is a crisp crust on the meat to contrast with the tender interior. Beyond cooking the steak right so it gets some great browning, the only ingredient you'll need to achieve a desirable crust is black pepper, a spice that makes for an excellent one-ingredient dry rub before cooking.
Take a few teaspoons of ground black pepper and rub it into the outside of your steak before cooking, which will highlight the steak's natural flavors and help create that crunch you're looking for. It’s even better if you mix the pepper with some salt, though a good amount of salt should already be a part of any steak-cooking routine.