Glass of frozen beer slushie
Thai Jelly Beer Is The Boozy Citrus Slush You Need To Try
If you’re used to pairing your spicy pad thai with a Thai iced tea, you might want to consider upgrading to a refreshing glass of bia wun, or Thai jelly beer.
Despite the name, Thai jelly beer doesn’t contain jelly. It's a thick, slushy beer that is chilled to exactly 26 degrees Fahrenheit and served with syrup and juice.
The drink originated in 2010 in Japan, when Japanese beer brand Asahi introduced on-tap frozen beer. The trend later took off in Thailand, with a unique spin.
The beer is sold from a spinning barrel filled with beer bottles, ice, and salt, which chills the beer in a way that's similar to how an ice cream machine works.
The drink is usually made using a light Thai lager, like Singha or Chang. Since the cold intensifies the bitterness, sweet syrups and juices are added to balance the flavor.
To try it at home, make your syrup by blending together citrus fruit, sugar, and water. Blend the syrup with fruit juice and ice, then pour into a chilled glass of light beer.