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Texas Roadhouse Doesn’t Want You To Eat Its New Butter-Inspired Item
Scent is a big part of taste, but that doesn’t mean you should eat everything that smells delicious. From McDonald’s Quarter Pounder scented candles to Salt & Straw’s ice cream scented perfume, some off-limits things are just begging to be eaten, like Texas Roadhouse’s new butter-inspired item.
If you’ve ever been to Texas Roadhouse, then you know that before you even order, you’re greeted with a basket of warm rolls, that are served with the chain’s famous sweet cinnamon butter. The rolls and butter are famous among those in the know, so Texas Roadhouse has thought of a creative way for fans to make the experience last a little longer.
Texas Roadhouse is rolling out merch on its new online store, including T-shirts, hoodies, and a candle that, when lit, emits the buttery cinnamon-sugar scent that signals to fans that a meal at Texas Roadhouse is about to begin. As good as the candle smells, you can’t eat it, and you’re better off with copycat recipes or the original to satisfy your cravings.