A clear glass bowl of canned fruit salad
Tequila Is The Boozy Addition That Will Alter Canned Fruit Salad
Canned fruit salad can stand out on your brunch or dessert table just as much as the freshly prepared version by transforming it into a unique dish with a little splash of tequila.
The spirit’s naturally sweet flavor profile pairs well with almost any combination of fruit. Tequila balances out any overwhelming sugariness and adds complexity.
It’s best to incorporate tequila into a syrup so the flavors will coat and stick to the fruit. Try infusing it into a simple syrup or stir it into the cocktail juice from the can.
Once combined, pour the syrup over the fruit and toss lightly. As little to no heat is applied to the syrup, the fruit salad will still have a slight alcohol content.
Blanco tequila is a great starting point with its bright notes. Choose a reposado or anejo for a slightly sweeter and smoother taste or a mezcal for a hint of smoke.