close up of rustic fried golden potato tater tots
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Tater Kegs: The Oversized Bar Snack That Leaves Tater Tots In The Dust
It’s hard to resist a deliciously deep-fried bar snack, and while chicken wings and onion rings are dandy, you might prefer even richer dishes like loaded nachos or a piled-high poutine. If these snacks are your favorites, consider seeking out Tater Kegs, an oversized bar snack that takes basic tater tots to a whole new level.
Tater Kegs are massive tater tots — three times the size of an average tot — that are stuffed with tasty fillings. The official Tater Kegs website displays varieties such as Bacon Cheddar and Chive, Crab Feast, Buffalo Chicken, Breakfast Skillet, Chorizo Burrito, and even two vegetarian options, The Cheese Bomb and Cheddar Chive.
Unfortunately, you won’t find Tater Kegs in any grocery store's freezer aisle, since they’re only available through foodservice distributors. You’ll need to search individual bar menus near you to track down these incredible snacks, or you can follow The Abbey Brewing Co.'s online recipe to make some oversized tots in your own kitchen.