assorted fruity gummy bears
Tasty Jell-O Gummy Bears Only Require 3 Ingredients
Jell-O gummy bears have a perfectly chewy, gummy texture and sweet fruity flavor. To make this snack at home, simply combine the Jell-O mix, gelatin packets, and water.
Gelatin gives Jell-O its jiggly texture. Adding even more gelatin to Jell-O thickens it, transforming its melt-in-your-mouth bounciness to the chewiness of gummy candy.
For each batch of gummy bears, you'll add ⅓ cup of water, one 3-ounce box of flavored Jello-O, and two packets of unflavored gelatin to a saucepan.
Whisk the ingredients together and let them rest for around five minutes. Heat the mixture over medium-low heat and stir it constantly until the gelatin and Jello-O dissolve.
Once the mixture has a smooth consistency, use a medicine dropper to fill gummy bear molds with it. Refrigerate the gummy bears for 15 to 20 minutes to set and firm up.
While some recipes specify a 6-ounce box of Jell-O, the 3-ounce box yields 100 gummy bears. Since you can only use one flavor per batch, make small batches with different flavors.