Glass of gin on ice with spices, lemon, and rosemary
Tanqueray Vs Bombay: The True Difference Between The 2 Gin Brands
Whether you’re new to gin or it’s your usual drink of choice, you’re likely familiar with Tanqueray and Bombay, the two most popular gin brands that differ in taste and production.
Both are London dry gins, but while Tanqueray is deep with strong notes of Juniper berry, Bombay has muted botanicals, a citrus-forward aroma, and a smooth profile.
Tanqueray has been a mainstay since it was created in the early 1800s. Bombay is younger, created in the 1980s using new techniques that resulted in a new type of gin.
While Tanqueray is infused by steeping, Bombay infuses botanicals by vapor infusion, in which the botanicals are hung so the liquor’s steam can collect the oils as it distills.
Bombay is also different in that it emphasizes more botanicals alongside juniper berries and displays all the botanical ingredients on the bottles for customers to see.
Tanqueray is a more traditional, elegant gin, with just four botanicals and a strong emphasis on juniper berries. It's distilled four times to produce its iconic, smooth taste.